The ISSA Hygieia Network provides the programs, tools and support that enable all women in the cleaning industry to accelerate their careers and achieve their full potential.

The ISSA Hygieia Network will award a limited number of Educational Program Grants which will provide recipients from the commercial and residential cleaning industry with access to all Hygieia’s online educational programs via the ISSA Hygieia Network Career Academy and one in-person Networking and Leadership Conference:

  • ISSA’s Hygieia Network Online Learning Portal – The ISSA Hygieia Network online learning portal provides industry professionals with access to recorded webinars, virtual conferences and the online, self-paced DePaul University Career Edge Certificate.
  • Hygieia Networking and Leadership Conference – Hygieia’s conferences cover issues affecting opportunities for women’s advancement in the workplace and more. The conferences bring together attendees who hold positions across all industry areas and levels. Attendees can expect to gain new connections and the necessary tools and strategies to apply to their professional lives.

Grant Value: The value of the grant is $700.

Eligibility and Criteria

Limitations. There is no guarantee that a grant will be awarded if you apply. The Grant Program is subject to the availability of the grant funds, which are limited. Therefore, not all who apply and qualify will be awarded a grant under the Grant Program.
Grants will be awarded to those who qualify on a first come, first served basis until such time as the grant funds are exhausted. Moreover, you recognize and acknowledge that the Grant Program, while regulated by specific policies and criteria, also requires discretion and judgment.
The decision whether to approve or deny an application for a grant will be made in the discretion of the ISSA Hygieia Network, acting reasonably, based on the ISSA Hygieia Network’s interpretation of the criteria described herein.
The applicant must apply for the ISSA Hygieia Network Educational Grant and meet the following criteria at all times while the Grant is being administered to remain eligible.

  • Membership – You or your employer must be an ISSA member, and you must be a member of the ISSA Hygieia Network
  • Employment – Must be currently employed in the commercial or residential cleaning industry for a minimum of 12 months
  • Complete online application and include:

    • Letter of Recommendation-Upload one professional letter of recommendation from your current supervisor.
    • Personal Statement – In a minimum of 500 words, explain why Hygieia’s Educational Program Grants is important to you and how will it benefit you?


GRANT APPLICATION -Submit all application materials by 12pm CT on October 13, 2023. Applications for the Grant Program will be reviewed and awarded as they are received and while grants are available. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Grants are limited and provided on a first come, first served basis until Grants are exhausted.

PROGRAM ACCESSAfter receiving their award letter, grant recipients must access the various awarded programs by the following deadlines:

  • DePaul University Career Edge Certificate Program –Within 90 days of receiving their award confirmation email, recipients must successfully complete the DePaul University Career Edge Certificate Program. Upon successful completion, recipients will receive a Certificate of Completion from DePaul University.
  • ISSA Hygieia Network Career Academy – Grant recipients can access the recorded webinars and virtual conferences on Hygieia’s online learning portal by 3pm CT on Friday, December 8, 2023.
  • Hygieia’s Networking and Leadership Conference – Registration and attendance to one in-person Hygieia Networking and Leadership conference must be completed in 2023.

Terms and Conditions:

Please read the official Terms and Conditions.

Questions? Please send email to [email protected]