Named after the Greek goddess of cleaning and hygiene, the ISSA Hygieia Network is an international community dedicated to the advancement and retention of women in all branches and at all levels of the global cleaning industry, with special focus on cleaners’ advancement.



It will provide ongoing education, networking, professional development, and personal recognition awards available to any women working in, or associated with, the industry.

This vibrant, world-wide community is open to any woman or man employed in, or associated with, the cleaning industry.


The moral imperative
Women should not face gender discrimination and should always enjoy opportunities for advancement solely on merit. Sadly this is not always the case and, exacerbating the problem, women at all levels are often less confident requesting the tools and training required for continuous professional development.

The ISSA Hygieia Network aims to reverse this invidious social conditioning and provide an empowering and supportive network that allows talent to shine and develop regardless of gender.

Improving the bottom line
The business case for diversity and gender equality is equally irrefutable. A more diverse workplace – in which women are able to freely participate and where their contribution is valued – fosters creativity and innovation.

A more diverse workforce also enables the understanding of a broader range of market segments, offering the potential for business growth.

Numerous studies show that organizations with middle and senior management teams that are gender balanced consistently enjoy better bottom-line results.

“70 years ago when my grandmother went to work, she walked through the backdoor of the building…just because she was a woman. Still today, too many doors remain closed to too many women. I want our daughters and granddaughters to be able to walk through any door of any building in any place in the world.”
Deborah Gillis, CEO at Catalyst

Founding Members


Meredith Reuben

CEO at EBP Supply Solutions, Chairwoman of ISSA Hygieia Network


Nathalie Doobin

CEO at Harvard Services Group


Holly Borrego

Senior Director of Cleaning Services
C&W Services


Lydia Work

CEO at American Paper
Converting Inc

Linda Silverman

Linda Silverman

President at Maintex


Kim Price

VP, Sales Force Effectiveness, GP Pro a Division of Georgia-Pacific


Carey Jaros

CEO at GOJO Industries


Dr. Ilham Kadri

Chairwoman Emeritus


With an overarching remit of supporting career advancement for women at all levels in the industry, the ISSA Hygieia Network will undertake activities that promote the entry into, advancement, and retention of women in the cleaning & hygiene industries.

These objectives will be met through a variety of initiatives including women’s executive roundtables, the organization of a global awards scheme and receptions at major exhibitions and conferences to provide a supportive touchpoint for members and encourage the cross-fertilization of best practice ideas.

The ISSA Hygieia Network develop programs to reduce illiteracy levels and foster academic achievement in members as well as campaign for the improvement of working conditions for immigrants and undeclared labor. Help will also be offered to educate women on more personal topics such as healthy eating, childcare and health issues.

“Any opportunity to learn new skills that will allow me to move forward in my career is great. Knowing that there is a supportive and encouraging network ready to help give me access to this has given me the confidence to be more ambitious.”

Holly Borrego, Cleaning Services Director NA at ISS Facility Services Inc


Mentoring is defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth. The ISSA Hygieia Network (IHN) Mentoring Program facilitates and encourages professional development of members at any stage in their career and in any area related to their work in the professional cleaning industry.

In the U.S., women earn almost 60 percent of undergraduate degrees, yet they make up only 14.6 percent of executive officers, 8.1 percent of top earners and 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. Currently, six in ten (61 percent) Millennials benefit from having somebody to turn to for advice, or who helps develop their leadership skills, such as a mentor.

Without a trusted mentor, young employees may not advance professionally or choose to quit and seek different career paths. Employee retention is a challenge for nearly every business, but within the jan/san industry alone, the annual turnover rate is approximately 300 percent.

With an overarching remit of supporting career advancement for women at all levels in the industry, the ISSA Hygieia Network Mentorship will help young professionals begin their career with a step ahead and help businesses improve employee retention.

The ISSA Hygieia Network Mentoring Program facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships that connect mentees with leaders in the industry to learn and develop. Career mentoring helps you to expand networks, gain new knowledge and insights, and build new skills.

Take the first step in furthering your professional development by joining today!

Mentoring Program


During the Annual ISSA Hygieia Network Awards and Networking Reception in Las Vegas on November 19, 2019, two awards were given to an individual and a business in the industry that have demonstrated outstanding leadership, community, and support in their work environment.

The Rising Star of the Year Award, open to women aged 45 and under who have made achievements and demonstrated consistent upward mobility in their career within the industry was presented to Wendie Manion, commercial sales director, GOJO Industries. Manion was selected for her commitment to being an inspirational leader and role model for women across the industry, as well as her passion for championing causes that impact women.

The Hygieia Member of the Year Award, which recognizes an industry professional or company that has made a significant contribution to the cleaning industry, was presented to Diversey, for continually supporting women in the workplace and its dedication to the values of the ISSA Hygieia Network organization.

Corporate Partnerships

As a sponsor of the ISSA Hygieia Network, you will be an industry leader in diversity and inclusion and champion for women. Companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenue, and organizations with women holding at least 30% of leadership roles are 1.4 times more likely to have sustained, profitable growth. As a sponsor of the Hygieia Network, 100% of your donation contributes to our necessary operating funds, including running our formal mentoring program that remains free to members, supporting our sponsorship program and helping host our annual networking and awards event. Sponsorship also allows Hygieia to hire a full-time project manager to help support and expand Hygieia’s initiatives, fundraising efforts, and reach.

To sponsor Hygieia, please send your request to

Thank you to our 2020 Corporate Partners

“Let us never forget that in the cleaning industry, as in every walk of life, “women’s rights are human rights.”
Gender equality and the empowerment of women are essential to our sustainable future.”

John Barrett, Executive Director, ISSA

Be a part of the ISSA Hygieia Network and commit to securing that sustainable future,
where all women and men in the cleaning industry are equally empowered and rewarded.

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