IHNConnect is ISSA Hygieia Network’s online networking platform that brings together women from every level and sector of the cleaning industry to help build networks, find mentors, and create pathways for career advancement.


When joining IHNConnect, we encourage all members to follow best practices:

Join communities

Within the platform, members can join communities dedicated to their local region. You can also join our Educational Tools & Resources and Mentoring Program communities.

Utilize resources

IHNConnect is home to helpful resources that can help you advance your career. We strongly encourage you to use these resources, including but not limited to webinar recordings, tip sheets and infographics.

Engage in conversation

As a networking platform, we encourage our members to engage with one another and share experiences through the discussion board within each community. You can also connect with members one-on-one through the user-friendly chat messaging feature.

Grow your professional network and make the necessary connections to help you succeed.

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